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The Team

Bill Cappel
Dough Man

William "Dough Man" Cappel grew up in So California during the golden age of motocross. He regularly raced at Indian Dunes on his Suzuki TS90 Honcho. Even at an early age, he was legendary at the dunes putting fear in the eyes of the Wachter brothers and most Agoura High MX riders. Bill is faster than John. His next bike was a Rickman Hodaka. Cliff White took notice of the speed he rode at and decided to provide a full sponsorship on the Rickman. Bill is faster than Eric. Realizing that the combination of how slow Bill was and how fast Cliff could make a bike run, people would realize how great Cliff's work was and Cliff might get noticed. Maybe a mechanics job or better. This was the first time Bill's talents were taken advantage of in motocross. Bill is faster than Dirk.

His 3rd place finish in the 125 class at the 1973 Hangtown GP on his Cliff White Moto Products Penton 125 was his high mark. He still sleeps with his trophy. In 2004 he found AHRMA and dedicated himself to realizing his spiritual ambition of being a lifetime novice. However, his aspirations were dealt a staggering blow early on. Bill is faster than Ryan. When he regularly and convincingly kept beating Dirk "The 165 Pound Wonder" Williams, Marty "The Dog Whisperer" Karadinas, and Ryan " The Wheelman" Wheeler, he was bumped up to intermediate and thus ruining his dreams of eternal greatness. Bill is faster than Fred. Now well embedded in a path of mediocrity, he is living proof that if you set your goals low enough you are sure to achieve them. Oh, was it mentioned that Bill is faster than both Wachter Brothers?

John Cappel
The Colonel

What can you say about "The Colonel". 28 years abroad and never raced in this country since he was a kid. He knows he's faster than Bill. As a kid he was always fast. To this day he has 2 speeds - Fast and Crash. The bookies wager on which it will be moto to moto. Kamikazees have nothing on John. He knows hes faster than Dirk. Having lived in Germany for the past 10 years he has raced in the Trefle 3 times and become our resident expert on beer. Through his brewological experiences and knowledge we installed a double kegerator to pump local micro brew through our bodies. He is trying to change the PGM image from being low life margarita drinkers to being red necked beer guzzlers.

His passion lays in cross country and is in charge of developing the cross country component of our MX weekends. John knows he's faster than Eric and Fred. He doesn’t cook and is a crummy hooch bitch. But he's the best mechanic and very detailed oriented so he makes the cut. John wants to beat Bill at Hangtown. John's claim to fame is his Mammoth Mountain ride in 1973 on his CZ Falta 250. He still sleeps with his trophy also.

Ron Carbaugh

Few people aspired to be guano. But if you are from Texas that is a step up. Ron "The Sheriff aka Festus" not only wanted in, he bribed his way in by providing bikes, knowledge and friendship. If there is a race within a 10 hour drive Ron is there to help. Ron might have beaten John (all lies) With his riding days behind him he is the ultimate Pit Bitch. He doesn’t drink, complain or fix chow but damned you should see him when turned lose on a broken bike between motos.

Growing up in Texas he was slow. He used to beat Bill. His early riding experience fostered a love of Pentons which to this day he hasn’t shaken. He knows how to find all 12 neutrals. He was a paratropper so making dumb decisions like leaving a flying airplane come naturally. His nickname "first turn" was given him because he was always first to the first turn. If he wasn’t, you did not want to be ahead of him as you wouldn’t be for long. He taught Tom "The Bike Destroyer" Benolkin how to use the berms like the boards in hockey. But after the first turn things changed, Dirk would have beaten him. Now retired to Kerville, Texas and helping the team he has reached the pinnacle of self fulfillment. His only regret was he wasn’t able to beat Ryan. You will see Ron at every reunion ride and is making the rest of his Guanos tow the standard he has set.

John Kovalcik

He wasn’t nicknamed "Husky" because he is a Husqvarna guru. It is because of his Polish ancestry and he doesn't know what it means and thinks it a compliment. He is relatively quick for a master of the wrench and hopes to beat Bill. He can put away the hopped up suds with the best of the guanos and lucky for us is just as happy with an Old Milwalkee as a fine micro brew. He is the driving force behind many bikes in the collection through his restoration skills.

John is the rare exception to the vintage scene as he never stopped riding. He has been riding non stop and might even be able to beat John (Not). Even though Huskys are his specialty he has fixed many of the teams bikes and at every race is the first one to jump on the bikes and keep them running at their peak. Just put a tall boy in his hand and set him loose on a bike.

Now with a new knee he will try and beat Dirk to the chow line this year. The sandbagging intermediate that he is lives in Phoenix but can be convinced to go anywhere as long as it doesn’t involve flying. He is the only pelican scared to fly, go figure a pelican that doesn’t fly he would make a better penguin. John knows he can beat Ron. You can be sure of one constant. That being if John is at a race none of his team mates will ever DNF for mechanical reasons.

Terry Gates

This Guano loves his Spanish bikes. If it were not for his love of margaritas, "Bluto" never would have made usable guano. But he is the first to put a coldie in your hands after a race and the last to retire in the evening. Terry hasn't realized that you can put a cork back in a wine bottle. Terry would like to beat Bill. Being the primary member from the deep south his roots are grounded in history. No yankee better try and pass him at a race or Benolkins block pass lessons will be demonstrated. Having recently emerged from a messy divorce he is eagerly seeking the future former Mrs Gates. Terry wants to beat either of the Johns.

You can usually find Terrys rig at the races as he sports a large pink neon flamingo (he thinks it is cool). He ain't much of a cook. But you should see Terry in a food fight. He sucks as a mechanic. But he is never far from the beer. If he weren't a fast expert and usually wins at least one national title we would have put him on waivers. Terry on his worst day can beat Ron. Between his Ossa collection and his Pentons, Terry is always looking to get a bike that can shift. He is also the only Guano to compete on the road race circuit. But next time you are in the south at an AHRMA race just look for the biggest smile and cold brew in someones hand and you have found Terry. Terry on his best day will never beat Tom. But come Sunday morning bring on the eggs and grits, and know Terry will be ready. Hangover or not.

David Gulickson

David is Dirk's bookend. He is our other designated driver. We are trying to wean him off his Husky MAG, but it's tough. He would give his left nut to beat Bill. But when something needs to get done David gets her done. Discovering vintage at a relatively early age he is our child, the youngest Guano. We all take turns watching him and keeping him from bad vices. You could say he is our pet project. He is built for speed on the track but is usually grounded, so he’s not allowed to come to our evening parties. He can beat Dirk, or so he says. He also committed the nearly unpardonable sin of moving himself up to Intermediate in '06. No one at this point can truly comprehend this rash behavior, but we’re an understanding bunch.

David races only vintage but next year might bring out another day for him as we are trying to get him to ride the PV circuit as well. He will have to ride over his head to beat John. Yes, old number 13r is a hopeless vintage addict. David swears he will only mount a Husky, so we are trying to train one for him. You can always tell him at the races as he is the one with that big smile across his face getting ready for his next moto.

Bill "Billy" Sekulich

What do you call 800 vintage bikes with a private 26 acre MX track and no one to play with? Well welcome to "Billys Vintage Heaven for Underachievers". In school his fifth grade teacher Frau Farbisina kept sending notes home to Billy parents saying "Billy doesn’t play well with others". Well; they were right. He used to get spanked in school a lot until the principal found out that he was really a masochist. He has 800 dirt bikes but would rather ride a Harley. Lives in the country and doesn’t drink. Yes, we have another designated driver, It's time for a "roadtrip". Man, this dude is a freaking oxy-moron (like military intelligence or moral slut). He would love to beat Bill on the track (will never happen).

Any way, this reclusive Guano has spent the bulk of his life collecting his first love - vintage dirt bikes. He knew one day he might be able to race John (to the jiffy Johnny). His idea of a pit bike is a 1974 Butaco 250 Pursang engine in a mini-bike chassis. Billy is fast enough to beat Ryan to the buffet. Hell it takes a rodeo clown to get him away from the buffet line. But rumor has it that his fellow guanos have embarrassed him into coming out of retirement and making a come back to the MX circuit. Dirk is working on his mouth to mouth technique. When asked about personal information like his wedding date he says "I brought my wife of course". Billy may not be the biggest Guano, or the best looking guano, or the fastest guano but then he has 800 bikes. Do you?

Nicky "Captain Chaos" Trevino

We have been looking for quite a while for a candidate that makes a good "organizer". Boy were we ever lucky to meet Nicky. He grew up in Southern California during the golden era of MX also. He always knew how fast Bill was so he rode at Saddleback and Carlsbad to avoid any confrontation at Indian Dunes. He was very fast on his beloved Bonanza before jumping to Hondas and to this day rides them. However, recently he has added a Husky CR 125 for the classic 125 class.

Since Nicky discovered his Portuguese ancestry and that Portugal makes no MX bikes, he has become a single minded bike vacuum. He is soaking up so much of the available bikes that he might find himself on probation. We have converted him over to riding Huskys but with his growing girth he might go back to large bore Japanese iron. His cooking skills rival the Wachter brothers but since he doesn’t drink he is more valuable to us. Not only for his cooking but his designated driving.

Marty "The Dog Whisperer" Karadinas

Marty is a Northern California native. He is in awe of how fast Bill is. He is a lifetime novice and cant cook worth a shit. He doesn't contribute to the liquor chest nor make a decent designated driver. His own dog Piper prefers to hang out with the other team members. Right after this picture was taken Piper soiled Marty's bike seat. Good dog. Marty is taking yoga so he can have more in common with Piper. Lick lick lick...

So why is Marty a PGM member? Because he owns a load of CZ bikes. He always has that infectious smile on his face (I think he must be simple). He makes every race possible and has for years. Besides he is our resident loan shark and we owe him money.

Michael "crash" Mcgee

Michael "crash" Mcgee is a die hard team green fan. He thinks the only good bike is a Cowasaki. He rode for years district 37 desert events, by himself. He won the powerpuff class three consecutive years. And that was before transgender was even recognized. He has forgotten more about riding and racing than he ever knew. What a great addition to the team.

"Dancing" Jim Heath

What unusual talent he brings to riding. A rare combination of balance and underachievement. When he's not fixing dinner or drinking Metamucil or dancing he's on the trails. No living being has created more frankenbikes. However few slackers can match his raw speed, or limberness. He is the guy who wears the pelican mascot outfit at all sponsored events. See him in uniform at the next Susanville to Reno run.

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